What must support have to be the best?

The weight of the occupants of a bed is a factor to take into account when choosing the support. It must be taken into account what weight supports each of the types of mattress to know which is more appropriate to our needs.

To know how is the best support for your mattress; you have to take into account a series of factors:

  • What type of mattress do we have
  • The base or folding canopy?
  • The weight of the users who will use it
  • Space available in the bedroom
  • The quality of the materials

1. According to the needs of space

When we have little space in the bedroom and few storage systems, a folding canopy is usually the best option. Because this way you get a place where you can store and organize the space, despite its size.

2. by the type of mattress

Generally, almost all types of supports are suitable for all kinds of mattresses. For very firm mattresses, upholstered bases with sheet structures, the slatted base or the spring base are recommended. Supports that provide more flexibility.

If you want to get more firm when sleeping: an upholstered base of agglomerate or a canopy. Stronger supports are recommended.

For mattresses that need extra ventilation due to their technology of rest and qualities, it is necessary to opt for slatted bases or upholstered bases with lamella structure. In this way, the necessary extra ventilation will be obtained to avoid the appearance of humidity and problems derived from them.

3. The best quality

The materials from which the support is made are essential to determine which is the best type of support for your mattress. The best support must meet a series of fundamental requirements:

  • High-quality materials
  • Easy assembly
  • Resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Practical and functional
  • A suitable height

We fulfill each and every one of the necessary requirements so that both our Base and our Canapé are the best support for your mattress.

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